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Do you have a broken iPod or iPhone, but not quite sure what’s wrong with it? Create a work order and send in your device for a FREE diagnostic test. If the repair ends up costing more than you want to spend, you only owe us for return shipping.

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Local Walk-in

PDASmart is conveniently located in north Austin near the intersection of Highway 183 and Anderson Mill Road. We pride ourselves on great service, quality parts and low prices, so whether you have a broken iPod, iPhone or iPad, we have the replacement parts to get you back running in no time. We offer iPod repair, Austin iPhone repair and iPad repair services. For you DIY types, we also offer iPod parts, iPhone parts and iPad parts.

If fixing your iPod seems a little over your head, let us handle the repair for you. Walk-ins welcome. For iPad, iPhone or iPod repairs or parts, let us help you get your iPod, iPad or iPhone back running in no time.

9518 Anderson Mill Road, Suite A
Austin, Texas 78729
Phone: 512.258.4500
Fax: 512.528.0384

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Austin iPhone Repair

If you're unfortunate enough to have a water damage iPhone or need iPhone parts, PDASmart provides the most affordable Austin iPhone repair. Your broken or dropped Apple iPhone is not lost. We can help you determine what part needs to be replaced. We have one of the widest selections of repair parts and offer professional services. PDASmart can save hundreds on a total replacement on all iphones including iPhone 4.

PDASmart is a leader in Austin iPhone repair. If you got your iPhone wet, don't panic. We're highly experienced in water repair, and can complete any kind of damaged repair. We've been around long enough to have seen it all. We'll work with you to let you know what we can fix, and if it is economical to do so. From backlight repair to LCD repair, our technicians can get it done. We can give you a screen fix, an LCD fix, or any other parts repair. Our site includes a free diagnostic test to help resolve what parts are needed and the estimated cost, and if you still have questions, please feel free to ask.

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As you are probably aware, most families have several devices that we repair. Why waste money buying new devices? We repair devices such as Nintendo Ds, Wii, Playstations, Gps devices, iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, Zunes, PSP, pda units and more. We offer these services to consumers all over the World as well as walkin traffic. Our new facility has located us in North Austin just off of Hwy 183. We are easy to get in and out and can you back on your way in no time. For you DIY people, we offer replacement parts as well so you can save on the shipping and labor! Come Check us out.

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